Board of Directors

Board of Directors   

Executive Committee


Dale Butterill, President

President:                                         Dale Butterill

Treasurer:                                         Helga Scott

Past President:                                Barbara Mitchell

Standing Committees

House:                                                 Helga Scott

Memberships:                                   Marilyn Halley

Scholarships & Awards:                 Nina Tschupikow

Programs:                                          Barbara Mitchell

Gallery & Exhibitions:                     Sandra Henderson & Patricia Molina

Artists:                                                 Judith Davidson-Palmer

Outside Directors:                            Robin C. Cumine, Paul Ladouceur

Special Committees

Archives:                                             Barbara Moore

Book Club:                                          Donna Rolfe

Fundraising:                                       Jocelyn Shaw & Anne Morison


Library:                                               Connie MacLeod

The Association has three part-time staff:

Office Manager:                                Cal Lorimer

Accountant:                                       Marina Bushuev

House Manager:                               Mirna Martinez